Being adjusted by someone who is truly a master of chiropractic can be an amazing experience. A master in their intuitive flow can release the tension and potential stored within the body with brilliance and ease. As was said of Clarence Gonstead, the experience can feel like lightning striking from the inside out.

Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI) was created from the desire to try and understand what it is that the masters in our profession do. What it is that makes the experience of being adjusted by them a more profound, powerful and deeper experience. BGI is a structure within which you can explore your expression of the art, science and philosophy of chiropractic.
In walking the path to chiropractic mastery many questions arise. How do I combine all the many bits of information I have? How do I know if the body is ready for an adjustment? How do I know if the subluxation released? How do I know when to stop?

BGI is intended to give you some of the steps along the path to chiropractic mastery by answering these questions, and many more.


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For Chiropractic:

Imagine a congruent approach to the art, science, and philosophy of chiropractic which merges cutting edge science with traditional philosophy and then teaches how to effortlessly apply it in practice.

It is possible.

For Chiropractors:

Imagine being empowered with skills which assist you in connecting more completely to the people you serve, determining the optimal timing and force application, bringing greater ease and clarity to the adjustment and being able to integrate it with any approach.

It is possible.

For Humanity:

Imagine a world where chiropractic is delivering its promise of releasing the interference to the expression of the infinite potential within each living being.

It is possible.



We would like to thank Mike Princeton Wilkerson for the use of his artwork on this page.