BGI Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is BGI different?

BGI is different in many ways. Here are a few of the key differences. BGI presents a new paradigm in chiropractic by integrating contemporary, nonlinear science with the vitalistic philosophy of chiropractic, bringing an understanding of mastery to the art of chiropractic. Clinically it provides an opportunity to deepen the chiropractor’s hands-on skills, no matter the technique utilized. BGI presents a geometric model of the body, incorporating concepts of tensegrity, biodynamics, and force dynamics, that allows to practitioner to work with the body as an integrated whole, refining the adjustment, and increasing the overall effectiveness.

2. Is BGI a new technique?

No. Although BGI seminars provide ample opportunity to advance the chiropractor’s clinical skill through hands-on exercises, it is not a technique with defined procedures that are applied to each individual. What BGI does instead is empowers the practitioner with an understanding of the innate geometry of the body, the biodynamics of how the moves and distorts as an integrated whole, and the force dynamics of both the osseous and soft tissue type adjustments. By learning these concepts it is easier to understand how the masters of the chiropractic adjustment bring ease and finesse to the adjustment. These tools assist the chiropractor in discerning the optimal positioning, force application, timing, line of correction, and location of the adjustment and all through hands-on palpation without the necessity of instrumentation.

3. Does BGI address both the osseous and soft tissue type force applications?

Yes. BGI explores the range of force applications utilized by many chiropractic techniques, describes the force dynamics of each, and presents strategies to discern which force application is optimal for the person being adjusted.

4. Do I have to take ALL of the BGI seminars in order to apply the concepts of BGI?

No. Both BGI I and BGI Osseous have no prerequisites and provide many concepts and skills which can be immediately applied in practice. The material presented in both seminars may be utilized on it’s own or integrated with existing chiropractic techniques. BGI II and BGI III provide an opportunity to further deepen clinical skills through expanding the chiropractor’s awareness of the more complex geometry of the body and have prerequisites to attend.  We also offer BGI-4M for a deeper exploration of how the BGI model can be utilized and for those ready to delve into cutting edge developments in BGI.

5. How do I register?

Our online registration is a two part process.  We need you to create an account with all your details and then BGI Headquarters needs to assign and approve your STATUS.  If you are a student or First Year DC, this status must be correct in our database for you to receive our discounts.  If you are a DC, we need that information in our database for you to be considered for referral.  You may browse our website without being logged in, but you must be logged in to purchase seminars

For help with creating an account, you can watch this video and then go here to create your account.

6. How do I get on your mailing list?

Our Constant Contact email Newsletter is published once or twice per month, filled with BGI Community information. We share upcoming seminars, playshops, practices seeking new Chiropractors and Campus BGI Club happenings.   This is our opportunity to keep our worldwide BGI Community connected.  Sign up here.

7. How do I get on your referral list?

To be on the BGI referral list you must be a licensed chiropractor, with a basic understanding of the BGI concepts and continuing refinement of the skills taught in BGI. The requirements to be listed are completion of (3) BGI seminars, the last having occurred within the past five years.   This information is not automated.  Please email to request referral status when you have met these requirements.

8. What do I as a chiropractor or chiropractic student get from a seminar?

People attending a BGI seminar will be empowered with the skills necessary to become a master in the art of the chiropractic adjustment. They will have the opportunity to deepen their skills, to understand more completely the dynamics of the adjustment, to gain a greater appreciation for the wisdom of the body, and to enliven their passion for chiropractic.

9. How does BGI integrate with what I am doing?

The concepts of BGI are, to a great extent, about understanding how the masters of the chiropractic profession do what they do and also about understanding the philosophy of chiropractic from the view of contemporary, nonlinear science. The skills learned in BGI can be applied with any chiropractic technique to refine positioning, line of correction, and ease of the adjustment, and determine the timing and appropriateness of the force application. The concepts can also be utilized to more effectively combine several techniques in a manner where the clinical parameters of the person being adjusted determine which technique approach is optimal.

10. What kind of experience do I have to have to take a seminar?

All that is necessary is that you be a chiropractor or a chiropractic student. Many of the skills taught are unique to BGI and so, no matter what the educational level, the practitioner will have the opportunity to deepen and expand their clinical skills. A large portion of every seminar is hands-on and the BGI teaching staff is available to assist the practitioner to enhance the experience.

11. Do I have to be a chiropractor to attend a BGI seminar?

In general, yes it is necessary that attendees be either chiropractors or chiropractic students to attend BGI seminars. Friday night of the BGI I & II seminars are lecture presentations covering basic concepts of the philosophy of chiropractic in relation to contemporary science and also of BGI and are open to anyone. The rest of BGI-1 & BGI-2, all of BGI-3 and BGI Academy of Mastery are only open to Chiropractor and Chiropractic students.  The New BGI-4M will offer workshops and playshops for all members of our BGI community, including non-chiropractors.

12. Do the BGI seminars contain lecture, hands-on, or demonstrational instruction?

The BGI seminars are balanced between all three styles. First the concepts are presented, then demonstrations are given, and then the participants are given opportunity to experience and practice the concepts through hands-on exercises. This format of presentation, demonstration, and hands-on is repeated several times throughout the seminar with each concept taught and is a powerful method in assisting the participant in integrating the information.

13. What prerequisites do I need to fulfill in order to attend BGI seminars?

You need only to be a chiropractor or chiropractic student to attend a BGI Osseous or BGI I seminar. To attend a BGI II seminar you must have attended a BGI I seminar and to attend a BGI III you must have attended a BGI II seminar.

14. Should I bring an adjusting table to the seminar?

Adjusting tables greatly enhance the learning experience. Please bring one if possible.

15. I was formerly on the referral list and am not any more, how can I get back on?

There are a few reasons why practitioners may be removed from the referral list. One is that we do not have current contact information. To be listed we must have a current office telephone number, mailing address, and email address. Another reason for removal from the referral list is that you have not attended a seminar for more than 5 years. In order to be included on the referral list it is necessary that you have a continued interest in applying the concepts of BGI and refining those skills. To be returned to the mailing list just register and attend any of the BGI seminars or Playshops and your name will be added again to the list. You may also have been removed from the list because you requested it. If you would like to be included again just contact and assuming the requirements are fulfilled (see FAQ # 7) you will be included on the list. The final reason that a practitioner may be removed from the list is because of ethical misconduct or breech of integrity. If this is the issue then the practitioner would have been contacted prior to removal. To be returned to the referral list it is necessary that the issues be resolved.

16. Is the registration fee refundable if I do not attend the seminar?

The full fee is required to be considered registered and that full fee is nonrefundable. If you cannot attend the seminar, the fee paid can be applied to a seminar within one year of the original registration date, minus a $50 administration fee. This applies only to BGI seminars and not Playshops (please contact the individual playshop instructor for policies regarding BGI Playshops) or BGI special events.

17. Besides the seminars, what other events, activities, or learning tools does BGI offer?

In addition to the seminars, BGI offers many tools to support and enhance the growth and development of the chiropractor and chiropractic student.

BGI Osseous Playshop    New this year, The BGI Osseous events will be offered by select BGI Teaching Staff to explore the hands-on possibilities within the Bio-Geometric model.
BGI Playshops: The Playshops are events facilitated by the BGI teaching staff designed to give the participant an opportunity to deepen and refine skills learned in the BGI seminars. They are almost entirely hands-on and are smaller then the BGI seminars and so there is an opportunity to get more one on one attention.
BGI Informational eNewsletter: These campaigns keep you updated on all the BGI events, services, and announcements. Stay up on all the latest developments, just be sure you are on the mailing list and you will receive the emails.
BGI Special Events: We are always striving for ways to provide continued support for the BGI and chiropractic community. One such event is the BGI Chiropractic Sanctuary. This is a 4 day event intended to nurture those who serve through the art of chiropractic. Come get adjusted, attend classes on yoga, meditation, and breathwork. “Philosophize” with some of the greatest, most innovative people in chiropractic and play hands-on with some of chiropractic’s masters. Hike in the great outdoors and relax by the fire. Rest, renew, and replenish in a life supporting environment with people of like mind.
BGI Products and Learning Tools: BGI is currently developing several products and learning tools. Available now are the BGI T-shirts and backpacks with the BGI Logo and Posterior geometry of the body, and the BGI I seminar on DVD

18. Who is Sue Brown?

Dr. Sue Brown, D.C., L.C.P. is the creator and developer of Bio-Geometric Integration, which was chosen as one of chiropractics ten great approaches in an article in the American Chiropractic magazine.  She was a 1987 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. Her experience both in practice and teaching, as well as her studies and theories of force dynamics and seismic events as relates to the formation of subluxations, and the sacred geometry of the body have provides us with both a unique perspective and new approaches to the dynamics of chiropractic.

Dr. Brown was a member of the President’s Club of Palmer College of Chiropractic and was on post-graduate faculty of Life Chiropractic College West.  She was awarded membership in the Legion of Chiropractic Philosophers.  Her paper entitled “Subluxation and Human Evolution: A Philosophical Model of Subluxation” was published by Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research. Dr Sue Brown passed away on the 7th June 2015.