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It is one of the commonest of mistakes to consider that the limit of our power of perception is also the limit of all there is to perceive.
— C.W.Leadbetter

In chiropractic there are many techniques. Each one has had its share of clinical ‘miracles’ and each one was derived from the brilliance and wisdom of its founder. There are people within chiropractic who are gifted in the art of the chiropractic adjustment, who have an ability to sense things through their palpation and observe things that are well beyond what we are taught in school. Somehow they became masters of their craft. There seems to be something special about the adjustment that they deliver.

How did they become masters and how can we achieve that same level of mastery? What are the steps along the path to mastery? What is that special something in the adjustment? How did the masters develop what they do? How do I combine all the things I know to create my own mastery, my own ‘special something’?

It was questions like these, and many more, that led to the creation of BGI.

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You can only go so far when you are only doing the how, but once I understood the why then that opened up all new possibilities...
— Sue Brown, D.C



BGI is not a new technique or a new formula to follow, but an understanding of chiropractic, the subluxation and the body, which assists those who are seeking mastery. It is said that if you give someone the ‘how’ you will create technicians, but if you give them the ‘why’ masters will be created. BGI is about the ‘why’ in chiropractic.

The concepts taught in BGI provide insights into the forces which create subluxations and the forces we use to release them.We learn to refine our palpation and gain a greater understanding of how those forces are stored in the body. We learn to understand the impact of the wide range of adjustive forces available to us, from the dynamic crunching force to the light contact barely placed on the body. We learn to derive the most efficient and effective adjustive force to release the subluxation.



The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.
— Marcel Proust



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If you take a look at how the universe is designed there is a beautiful order, a beautiful geometry to life. Buckminster Fuller said that the world is built on a series of triangles. If you take a look at the world around us it does appear that, whether we look at the spirals in a sea shell or the fractal nature of trees, we can see a geometry. 

Through the geometry of the body we are able to see the brilliance of each chiropractic technique. BGI provides a means to understand and combine the many approaches in chiropractic. By understanding the innate geometry of the body, the chiropractor is able to more effectively and gently release the subluxation and assess the effectiveness of the adjustment. The geometric understanding of the body also serves to bridge the gap between the many techniques of chiropractic by providing a common language and understanding from which to converse.



In the moment of the adjustment, two become one and a synergistic flow begins toward growth and evolution.
The power and creativity of nature are unleashed, awakening us to the realization that the
adjustment is alive and dynamically in motion
— Sue Brown, D.C.


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We would like to thank Mike Princeton Wilkerson for the use of his artwork on this page.